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Triple Twister

Triple Twister no downloads

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Play Triple Twister Slots and Experience Endless Fun and Excitement

Triple Twister is an amazingly crafted farm-themed no download slots game that can be played online. This fantastic no download slots game offers hours of fun and entertainment for free, with no download required. As soon as you find an online casino that features Triple Twister no download slots game, you can start spinning and playing straight away. What is more exciting is that this no download slots game has the same features as the other popular slots games on the web, so you’re sure to get a lot of chances to win fabulous jackpot prizes.

Playing slots game may be difficult for beginners, but with Triple Twister slots you can play with ease and enjoy the benefits of an excellent no download slots game in the comfort of your home. Other than that, you can save your computer from becoming clogged up with huge files and downloads.

More about Triple Twister

Unlike other online slot machine games, the Triple Twister differs from the traditional kind of virtual slot machines. It still has five reels, which is the standard structure for a slot machine, but it uses a different kind of layout when it comes to the payline. Instead of 25 paylines Triple Twister is consists of 50 paylines. With 50 paylines, the Triple Twister moves at a faster pace, which is sure to excite a lot of players. The advantage of playing this online slots is that you have greater chances of winning as compared to other no download slots game with fewer paylines.

As the name suggests, Triple Twister is a breathtaking online slots that features the most powerful forces of nature, the tornado. Surprisingly, in this game, the tornado brings huge prizes and awesome entertainment. The no download slots game has twisters in its overall design and the player is supposed to be a storm chaser. So in playing the no download slots game, your main goal is to search and run after twisters so that you could through the various levels of the game. Before you start playing the Triple Twister no download slots game, it would be wise to know more about the rules and the relevance of the symbols since each icon plays an important role in the game.

The Wild Symbol

The wild symbol for this game is the Twister and this symbol can be used to replace any other symbol in the reels in order to complete a winning combination. Unlike other no download slots game, the wild icon in this game can also substitute the scatter symbol and every time you come up with a Twister in your winning combination the prizes will increase three-fold.

For example, when you come up with a combination of 5 Farmers or 5 Ladies, you get 3,333 coins or an amount of $16,665. But if you get a Twister with 4 Farmers or 4 Ladies your winnings will be tripled and your coins will amount to 9,999, thus you can win as much as $49,995.

The Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol for the no download slots game version and the regular downloadable version is the Weather Vane and if you come up with 2, 4 or 5 of these on your combination, your total wager will be multiplied by 2, 9 or 33 times accordingly, which means that you can get $8,250 for each spin if you wager the maximum bet. If you get 3 scatter symbols with 1 Twister or 4 scatter symbols with 1 Twister your overall wager will be multiplied by 27 or 99 times respectively. At this time, you can get up to $24,750 for each spin.

So don’t give it a second thought, play the Triple Twister’s no download slots game, and start chasing twisters for fun and profit!